I kept telling everyone last week, that I was going to take my wife Moe to see 'Big Hero 6' over the weekend. That didn't happen, but we were plenty pleased with our last minute decision to go see something else.

All week, all I heard was how much my wife wanted to go see 'Big Hero 6'. However, after discussing it in the car there, we decided to instead see 'Interstellar'. That was a good choice for us. There were a BUNCH of kids at the theater to see BH6 and as we get older, the patience level isn't there. "Interstellar' went beyond our expectations.

It really was a movie for everyone, with a love story, amazing special effects, a believable storyline and super-sciency quantum physics stuff.

It was a very tight race at the box office this past weekend, and though 'Big Hero 6' won it, we were in no way disappointed.



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