Tom Skerritt is in some of our favorite movies like, Top Gun (1986) and Steel Magnolias (1989) but here are some little known facts about the actor!

1. His birth name is Thomas Roy Skerritt.

2. He's 6' tall.

3. His acting mentor was the late Robert Altman.

4. He's Been Married 3 times:

Julie Tokashiki (1998 - present)
Susan Ellen Aran (1976 - 1994) (divorced) (1 child)
Charlotte Shanks (1957 - 1972) (divorced) (3 children)

5. Skerritt was first noticed in a UCLA production of "The Rainmaker" before making his movie debut in War Hunt (1962).

6. He spent most of the next decade in television, regularly appearing in Combat! (1962), The Virginian (1962), Gunsmoke (1955) and 12 O'Clock High (1964).

7. Skerritt's next big break was appearing alongside Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould in Robert Altman's biting satire MASH (1970).

8. In the late 70's, he landed the plum role of Capt. Dallas of the ill-fated commercial towing vehicle Nostromo in the creepy sci-fi epic Alien (1979).

9. He won an Emmy in 1994 for his performance as Sheriff Brock in the superb series Picket Fences (1992).

10. Is 82 freakin' years old and still looks GREAT!

What is your favorite Tom Skerritt movie?