They say if you can stick with an new routine for three weeks (21 days), it becomes a habit; We're about halfway there!

Moe and I are working at getting back into shape and we're beginning week two today at Fit For Life in Midland. The hardest hurdle to get over for me, was the psychological hump. You know that it is not going to be pleasant hitting the weights, starting a new regime of cardio and dealing with the new muscle groups that you forgot you had. Sure, those are things we all deal with, but there are also some immediate rewards. Working muscle groups, releases endorphines, which in turn make you feel great. Self-confidence also gets a boost.

The smartest thing you can do for yourself is invest in a personal trainer: Someone to encourage and push you, to recognize potential problems and to guide you to your fitness goals. Tamara is a fantastic trainer and motivator. Working out with a partner is also greatly benificial. Both Moe and I fix basically the same meals, adjust our schedules to workout together and encourage one another. It's also nice to have someone rub our the cramps!

Here is a humorous look at today's workout: