Please know that I wrote the headline for his post as a rib. It's kind of the point.

The Double T scoreboard at Texas Tech was iconic, I'll give you that. It looks like it was a great piece of engineering and design and it served for 44 years. I'm not going to bother with too much trivia here, but the sign-saw nine head coaches and three interim head coaches. Yeah, it almost outlasted 12 head coaches. A quick look at those head coaches' records shows that under that sign, Tech was a .500 team since 1978.

The point is, maybe it was time for that sign to go. Maybe it's time for a lot of fresh things surrounding the football program. I think everyone is certainly excited about new coach Jorey McGuire. I'm personally a big fan of everyone starting their own traditions instead of carrying dead men's baggage.

This brings us to the answer to the question, "what's going up in place of the Double-T scoreboard?"  The answer is another Double T scoreboard. Yeah, I just don't get the hype of changing out the scoreboard. If this iconic symbol was gone forever I'd understand, but this is just an upgrade.

I'm not being a hater here either. The very first Texas Tech game I saw was in 1978, so you'd think I'd be in the "yeah, me and the old boy have seen a lot together" group, but I just can't buy into the hype of losing an old piece of equipment. I do hope the new sign does cool stuff and sees a better winning percentage though.

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