The park is really closed.

Not only has HBO canceled Westworld, ending the once-highly-rated series before its creators got to conclude its story, they are now in the process of pulling the show off of the HBO Max streaming service.

According to Deadline, both Westworld and the recent fantasy series The Nevers will be pulled from HBO Max as Warner Bros. Discovery undergoes an “end-of-year financial review” of the streaming service.

The news comes as several other shows have been canceled by HBO Max, including MinxLove LifeGordita Chronicles. The difference in the case of Westworld and The Nevers, though, is that those were produced by Warner Bros. and HBO; the others were made outside of the company and licensed for broadcast and streaming on HBO and HBO Max.


Ever since Discovery acquired Warner Bros, there have been numerous cost-cutting measures at the company at large, and at HBO Max in particular. That includes the cancelation of projects like the Batgirl that was shot and almost finished before being permanently shelved. The creators of Westworld always maintained they intended the show to run for five seasons; in the end, they were only able to make four.

Deadline speculates that WBD may be looking to start its own FAST channel — AKA a “free ad-supported streaming TV service” like Pluto TV or Amazon Freevee — and both shows could appear there. (In the case of The Nevers, the series has produced episodes that have yet to be broadcasted or streamed anywhere.)

At the time of this writing, both Westworld and The Nevers are still available on HBO Max. But it’s reportedly only a matter of time before they’re gone. If you’ve been meaning to finish a binge, now is the time.

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