Tragedy almost struck a family this afternoon as they tried to cross a dangerously flooded Wadley Ave. in Midland.

My wife and I don't live far from 'Rio Wadley', so when it rains heavily, we know to keep an eye out for folks who have flooded out, trying to ford the deceptively fast and deep flow. As the afternoon progressed, I knew there would be more than a few people who chanced and lost against the great 'Rio Wadley'.

After the water had risen over the curbside, and I began to hear sirens, I would be warming up the truck, grabbing some jumper-cables and tow cables. Rain gear too , unless you down want to be soaked to the bone.

After seeing the first victims, some young men who had tried to ford the river in a slightly taller vehicle that he owned, but it made no difference, he looked like a boulder allowing the water to move around it and occasionally splash over it's hood.

We were able to attach a tow cable and began to move their SUV out of the street, making our way to a nearby parking lot where it would be safe for the vehicle to dry out. After that duty was done, I headed back out to get some video of the worsening flooding when I happened to see this example of 'WHAT NOT TO DO' while driving in flooded areas.

As you can see from the video, because of the force of the water, the driver would have been unable to even open his door. The pressure of the water was so strong, the vehicle was having a very difficult time traversing the deep water and was in real danger of overturning.

Fortunately, after much effort and praying,, he made it across the street, only to drown out a few yards down the road in shallower water. He was VERY lucky. People die doing this kind of thing.

The rule for this type of driving is easy to remember: TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN!

Post your flooding/lightening/high wind/ videos, post them below!