I know I speak for a lot of Ava DuVernay fans when I say I was really looking forward to seeing what she would do with a massive budget and the tools to make a gigantic Disney film like A Wrinkle in Time. And, based on the reviews so far, I know I also speak for a lot of critics when I say the finished product is a disappointment.

You can see a sampling of the reviews below. There are definitely some positive ones out there, including a couple extremely positive ones. (“Radiant miracle” is a pretty ringing endorsement.) But most of the thumbs up are also quick to acknowledge issues with pacing, dialogue, and characters, and there are some flat-out thumbs down out there as well. As I’m writing this, Wrinkle has a 46 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 52 on Metacritic.

Here’s 15 early Wrinkle in Time reviews (including mine, naturally). The film opens in theaters this Friday; you can decide for yourself then.

Matt Singer, ScreenCrush:

“It’s honestly a little baffling how so many good choices could produce something so frustrating.”

A.O. Scott, The New York Times:

“I would describe the overall experience as satisfaction rather than awe.”

Kristy Puchko, Pajiba:

“A radiant miracle.”

Angie Han, Mashable:

“Even A Wrinkle in Time’s flaws are kind of endearing, particularly since they mostly come down to this movie being too ambitious and too sincere and too strange.”

Josh Spiegel, /Film:

“While the film is not always satisfying, its ambitions are winning enough.”

David Fear, Rolling Stone:

“Every generation gets The NeverEnding Story it deserves. This one may very well be ours.”

Kevin Fallon, The Daily Beast:

“A film that is so pure, to the extent it’s almost jarring to take in given all that’s going on in the world and how jaded we’ve allowed entertainment to become.”

Laura Prudom, IGN:

“While its narrative shortcomings often bring it crashing back down to earth, A Wrinkle in Time shines brightest when it reaches for the stars.”

Yolanda Machado, Marie Claire:

“A Wrinkle in Time isn't a great movie, but that's completely irrelevant.”

Sean P. Means, The Salt Lake Tribune:

“A glorious, watchable mess.”

Jesse Hassenger, A.V. Club:

“Alternate clumsiness with moments of honesty and grace.”

“Falls short of its worthy intentions.”

Amy Nicholson, The Guardian:

“The film is tentative and over-protective, as though it’s terrified that a story empowering kids to help good battle evil could give someone a nightmare. It reduces the whole universe to one girl’s self-esteem.”

Stephen Witty, New York Daily News:

“Even with Oprah, it’s no fun.”

Vince Mancini, UPROXX:

“I couldn’t shake the feeling that 12-year-old me, 11-year-old me, any me old enough for me to remember me, really, would’ve hated this movie.”

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