Say what you will about John Travolta’s career, but you can’t deny that it’s been interesting. And the actor’s latest cinematic curiosity is no exception, though you may need a moment to really process every insane element in the following statement: Travolta is playing a psychotic stalker obsessed with an action movie hero played by Devon Sawa in a new thriller titled Moose, from director Fred Durst. Yes, that Fred Durst — as in the one who rap-rocked about “nookie” and boasted a seemingly endless supply of Adidas athleisurewear during Nu Metal’s reign of terror.

The news comes via an official press release for Moose, which is said to be based on Durst’s real-life experiences with a stalker. In the film, Travolta plays a film fan obsessed with a famous movie action hero played by Devon Sawa — which is how you can tell this is an elaborate work of fiction. It probably wouldn’t feel any more realistic to swap those roles, but it would definitely come close to the realm of making more sense.

And if you’re wondering why the hell this is called Moose and not, I don’t know, literally anything else, that’s because the title refers to the character played by Travolta. If this isn’t a low-key gritty Rocky & Bullwinkle live-action reboot, I am going to be sorely displeased.

“There certainly is no shortage of amazing Fred Durst stories to tell,” said producer Andrea Iervolino, “but this one in particular is unequivocally cinematic in how it plays out.” Unequivocally!

This also isn’t Durst’s first foray into the world of cinema. He previously directed The Education of Charlie Banks, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Ritter, as well as the 2008 sports comedy The Longshots, starring Ice Cube. Durst also had a supporting role opposite Jeremy Sisto in Population 436, the 2006 thriller directed by — wait for it — Michelle MacLaren.

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