This might be the impetus TXDoT needs to give Prada Marfa a pass.

When it was announced that Playboy Marfa would be moved to a museum in Dallas, I held out a glimmer of hope that this would be all the Texas Department of Transportation would need to give Prada Marfa the breathing room to remain standing.

This is what I told Alexa Williams from NewsWest 9 this morning:

"I think for Prada Marfa that's going to be beneficial because you don't have two structures that you're dealing...with. There's not the question with 'commercial versus art' now. I think that it's pretty clear that Prada Marfa is art...I think it would be easier for TXDOT to move forward and maybe give Prada Marfa an exemption."

Watch the NewsWest 9 story here.