Earlier this week I met with Alexa Williams to talk about my video series, 'Braking Bad'. She loved the concept, presented it to the big-wigs at NewsWest 9 and now it has turned into a weekly feature!


What started out as anger therapy for me while driving around West Texas, has now turned into a way for residents to share their frustration with bad driving/parking. Everyone says something should be done about the all the distracted and reckless driving on Permian Basin roads, but no one knew what to do, until now. Post or send your pictures of bad driving/parking to the Braking Bad Facebook page, NewsWest 9 or this webpage.

I will strongly urge you: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECORD VIDEO AS YOU ARE DRIVING! That kind of defeats the whole purpose, but if you are a passenger it's perfectly ok. We assume no responsibility for your accident if you try to record and drive. I use a GoPro camera affixed to my window, so it's hands-free. Remember, be safe!