Crews took down the controversial sculpture, 'Playboy Marfa' today and readied it to be moved to a museum in Dallas.

What some considered a work of art, others--including TXDoT--consider it a roadside advertisement, 'Playboy Marfa' was removed today. The sculpture by New York contemporary artist Richard Phillips will be dismantled this month and taken from U.S. 90 to the Dallas Contemporary Museum. It will be installed at the museum in March 2014 and displayed in April and will be part of an exhibition highlighting Phillips' work.

What does this mean for the artwork called 'Prada Marfa', also classified by TXDoT as a an advertisement? Unknown, but it is hoped that it will take the heat off the issue and make it easier for the Texas Department of Transportation will make and exemption for 'Prada Marfa'.

Do you think TXDoT should leave Prada Marfa alone? If so, you can help to support the effort to Save Prada Marfa by 'liking' their Facebook page.