I am across an ayeaye survey about who gives the best and worst gifts for Christmas and it got me thinking, hmmmm...over the years who has knocked it out of the park? I think your parents are a given. Why? Because you TELL them what you want. I think mom and dad are the only ones you can tell and more often than not, they will ask for ideas and you end up happy because you get one of the suggestions you gave them. Win-win. 

But according to this survey, they say we are most disappointed with the gifts our grandparents give us. What? No! How can you not like a gift from your little abuelita? I had to think back to all the gifts my wela gave me through the years. To be honest, they were the best.

When I was little, she would give me baby dolls. I think I got pajamas one year and socks another. But be real, were they not the most comfortable jammies you had ever received and the fuzziest, warmest socks? Grandma always knew just what I needed! So I do not agree with that survey.

And for grandma's like mine, who had so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, she would get a gift for every single one. She did not miss a grand no matter how much money she had.

If you are fortunate enough to still have grandparents, cherish their gifts. Hang on to them. Especially if they happen to be homemade, something knitted or crocheted, pass them down to your children. Grandparents gave the best gifts in my opinion because they were genuinely from the heart.

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