We are just days away from Christmas which for some people is super exciting but for a select few out there can be summed up into one phrase. BAH HUMBUG! It's true there are a few people out there that just don't like Christmas, they can be called a Grinch or classically a Scrooge. Based off the book character Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. There are some tell signs though that someone might just be a Scrooge and dislike the winter holidays all together.

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A Total Grouch

A big old grouch is one of the signs that you are dealing with a Scrooge. Even the slightest show of merriment during these cold times is not enough to warm their cold hearts. Maybe not even making eye contact with kids or puppies shows how much they don't like the season. Just rejection of everything to be grouchy.


They seem to be all about what they can buy for themselves and not what they can buy for someone else. I know we are in times of inflation but even a pack of bubble gum or gas station lottery tickets mean something. A Scrooge will always buy for themselves and sees joy equal to value of life.

Hates the Decor

Now not everyone is into the holiday decorations but maybe you have a Scrooge when they show how much they hate the decor you just put up. Probably calling the cops when you turn on your lights and complains they're too bright when its just the bare minimum. Also they could comment on your decorations and complain about them even though the don't seem to care. Seems like then you have a Scrooge.


I get that sometimes people want to be alone but sometimes a Scrooge wants to keep people from being with others so that they are also alone. There seems to be a certain line of not wanting to socialize they don't want crossed and they probably think everyone should work on Christmas. Sounds very Scrooge-like to make others be alone.

Visited by Three Ghosts

Now this isn't actually literal but the fact that a Scrooge will either learn their lesson and change their ways or stay in their miserable existence. That can be by either having a child and learning to not be a Scrooge, have some sense of family through friends, or even just growing as a person and seeing life is too short to be a Scrooge.

The lesson to be learned is not to be mean to a Scrooge but to be kind. Maybe someday that Scrooge will be visited by three ghosts and learn how to be a better person and not a bitter one.

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