A recent poll says the best steak in Texas is in Austin. I'm ok with the Texas part, we know how to cook a steak, just not too sure I agree with the restaurant.

The MSN poll lists the best steaks from independent, (no chains), restaurants in Texas. According to it, Austin has the best steak in Texas.

I've never been to the Vince Young Steakhouse so, I can't really say much about their steaks. I can say this though - they ... and every other restaurant MSN mentioned ... are going to have to do something pretty damn amazing to win me over.

I've traveled a lot and the BEST steaks I've ever had were in El Paso. We have plenty of places in El Chuco to get a good steak so I'm not even going to try to build a top 10 list.

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After having steaks in 14 of the United States and multiple places all over the country of Mexico, the best of the best are still here in El Paso. (Sadly, 1 of them closed.) There's no real science to this. No voting, no sales totals, no customer counts, etc.

Just the opinion of my taste buds and I ...

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Great American on Alabama. This is the one that's no longer around and I'm still bummed about that. Between the awesome view from the main dining area, the western atmosphere, the cool bar/waiting area and those phenomenal steaks; this place is sorely missed by every steak lover in El Paso.


The Edge Of Texas Steakhouse and Saloon - In far Northeast El Paso, on the literal "edge" of Texas, is a restaurant SOOO worth the drive. A comfortable ambience .. (go casual, go formal or anything in between. You'll be fine.) ... and live music on certain days add nicely to the steaks. Those being cooked to perfection, exactly as you request them, without fail.

Located at 8690 Edge Of Texas.

Cattleman's At Indian Cliffs Ranch - Tour the movie set, chill on the patio overlooking the small lake, take a hayride, visit the petting zoo and the gift shop. Then, after all that, dig in to a delicious steak that's indescribable.

Located at 3450 S Fabens Carlsbad Rd.

Choosing between Cattleman's and The Edge Of Texas would be akin to picking your favorite child. (I know...some of you could do that easily. Most can't though.)

That's why I didn't "number" this list, they're both perfect. Trust me though, no matter how close or far they may be, both are totally worth visiting.

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