That headline makes it sound like the lake could be in El Paso. While it's actually about 700 miles away, it is still in the Southwestern part of the state.

Lake Amistad is about 12 miles from Del Rio, Texas and just under 200 miles from San Antonio. The lake straddles the border between the United States of America and Mexico.

By treaty, rights to the lakes total conservation capacity are shared and Texas holds a slightly larger percentage, 56.2%. If you care about that kind of stuff, click here.

Three Gorges Dam Project To Be Completed On May 20, 2006
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The lake started to fill after the Amistad dam was built in the 1969. The creation of the reservoir not only formed the lake, it also completely submerged Goodenough Springs, the 3rd largest natural spring in Texas.

It also submerged the deepest known, underwater cave system, in the United States. An area which draws scuba divers but most, even super experienced divers, don't go too far in as it is considered one of the most dangerous dives there is.

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The water is unusually clear which is another reason so many divers are drawn to Lake Amistad. Along with diving, fishing, swimming and boating are the main attractions.

Despite miles and miles of shoreline, most peeps stay on or in the water. Most of the shore is rocky and there aren't many areas that are suited for sunbathing, volleyball or other typical "beach" activities.

You can learn more about Lake Amistad here or on the lake's Facebook page.

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