Public restroom. Two words that you either despise or love, depending on whether or not you actually enjoy using them. In some cases, desperate times call for desperate measures but for the most part, personally, I resort to being a 4-year-old and just make sure I go before I leave the house. Remember when mom used to tell you that? It comes in handy even as an adult!

What if I told you that instead of the nasty old run down, dirty, need a key with the obligatory giant keychain attached bathroom was a thing of the past? What if the small town you stop in on your long road trip actually has a bathroom, in the middle of town no less, that is covered in mirrors? Is that even worse than having to pop a squat?

A mirror is a 'reflective surface' so what is this particular restroom reflecting? My image? Someone else's? Sounds sus.

Before you freak out, you must check out what @mycurlyadventures a TikToker discovered in the small town of Sulphur Springs, Texas, around 400 miles from here.

@mycurlyadventures Weird Texas Road Stops! #texas♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey
Omigosh Becky, can they see me pee? Wow, only in Texas. What in the world is happening here and why do we not have one in Midland or Odessa?! This is the coolest! lol
Check out what happens to this YouTuber as he attempts to sit on the pot, his friends cheer him on in hopes that 'everything comes out alright.' Awkward. 

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