Buzz Question - Okay, so I've been on 3 dates with this girl and yes we are hitting it off pretty good. So the other day we are hanging out at my apartment and I run out on an errand and leave her at my apartment. I come back and she has started doing MY LAUNDRY! She's on a 2nd load and I'm like WOW. I asked her why she started my laundry and she just said just wanted to help out.   Yeah, not going to lie was a little PUT OFF by that. Just the RANDOMNESS of it. Really didn't want her going thru my dirty clothes underwear and all!  What's happening here? lol



She's a keeper! Put a ring on it!

He left her at his apt to run an errand. He was lucky she was still there when he got back.

Ray- Run my MAN, Run! She wants to play house and eventually make your house hers!!!!

Steven- As long as she's not doing HER LAUNDRY at your place you will be okay, for now!


She just trying to help out... keep her

Sign that she's the controlling type, and it's just the beginning...... ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️

She could of just gone through (pant/shirt pockets) your laundry and not done it

Yeah dude, run her off man. Also, have her call me asap. I don't know how she got out of my basement.

Lol then get you the lazy one that just want money and keep a dirty house ?

You’re blessed bro. Appreciate that cause there’s not many women that will even put their phone down

She is ready to move in and ready to do anything you ask for. ‍♀️

Nope, nope, nope. First don’t leave random chicks you’ve only been out with a few times in your apartment alone. You really don’t know this person yet. As for the laundry, I find that creepy. We’ve raised 3 boys and I would tell any of them that that i… See more

She already a keeper

She actually just fell in love! Now and days if a female starts do ANY type of house work while you’re gone it’s bc she genuinely wants to help and has fallen in love with you. If she hadn’t then she would’ve been outta there or still in the bed

You trusted her enough to leave her alone in your house but get upset she wanted to be helpful? Okay. Could it be creepy? Sure. But it could also be that she didn’t want to feel useless.

She’s using her feminine energy. Her natural instinct. She’s showing you she’s marriage material!!! Hello!!!

She knew your 'Net Worth' by date #1. This means she "approves" of you.

The JUNKIEST Place in Texas!




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