Video game film adaptations don't exactly have the best reputation among gamers or cinephiles. From 2016's disappointing Assassin's Creed and bloated World of Warcraft, to 1993's cringe-worthy Super Mario Bros., video games and game franchises across all genres and platforms have been subject to Hollywood adaptations, typically with less than stellar results.

Nevertheless, the industry pushes on, bringing video games to the big screen in order to deliver new ways for consumers to experience them off-console...and sometimes more than once, like the Tomb Raider franchise, which is already on its second iteration with this year's Alicia Vikander-led action film (out March 16). But which worthy games have yet to get the movie treatment?

Series like GTA and Far Cry pack enough action and thrills to fill an entire franchise of summer films, while chilling games like The Last of Us and Until Dawn would make for excellent emotionally-charged horror movies.

Below, check out ten video games that should be made into movies.

Video Games That Deserve Movie Adaptations

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