While my Twitter mentions and my inbox’s spam folder have made it abundantly clear that video game enthusiasts do not like movie critics, by and large, they do like movies. The video gaming site Machinima (itself a property of Warner Bros., which is worth knowing) recently conducted a survey that indicates as much, polling gamers about their moviegoing habits and preferences. And while the gaming community remains on constant watch for the twin scourges of studio-sponsored bribery and bias among critics, they have not allowed them to dampen their enjoyment of a night out at the cineplex.

Machinima’s results (reported on by Deadline) indicate that 100 percent of the 2,051 self-identified gamers surveyed had gone to the movies in the past year, as opposed to the full population’s 71 percent. The survey goes on to specify that 17 percent of gamers make it out to the neighborhood theater at least 12 times in a year, whereas the general average is 11 percent. The most revealing detail? That gamers are 34 percent more likely to turn out for the opening weekend of an action movie than the average attendee, and 31 percent more likely to similarly support sci-fi. The Deadline item also mentions that the players polled were “mostly male,” so, there’s that.

Though Hollywood has yet to crack the code to a proper video game adaptation (oh man, remember Warcraft? That was a year ago!), that evidently hasn’t stopped them from capturing the gamer market. Indeed, the blockbuster-industrial complex and video game industry have become locked in a sort of positive-feedback loop, where new installments of franchises spawn highly lucrative video games, the profits from which can then justify the creation of further cinematic sequels, and so on and so forth into a creatively homogenized oblivion. The Alicia Vikander-starring Tomb Raider comes to theaters March 16, 2018!

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