Legend has it that 30 years ago Atari buried a massive cache of video game cartridges in a landfill in New Mexico. Specifically, they buried tons and tons of copies of the failed 'E.T.' video game, an Atari non-classic that nearly sunk the gaming industry. Now a film crew has been given six months to search the massive 100 acre landfill to find the motherlode of lost games and confirm that the story is really true.

Canada-based media company Fuel Industries will be excavating the mythical horde of video games, which according to some stories, was buried underneath tons of concrete while security guards held back onlookers.

Helping them navigate through the massive landfill in Alamagordo, New Mexico, will be Joe Lewandowski, who ran a garbage company at the time of the dump and claims to know its secret location. He's like their Sacagawea, but with a head full of knowledge on garbage and Atari instead of the Pacific Northwest.

Best-case scenario they find a whole bunch of 'E.T' games that nobody wants to play anymore. Worst-case scenario, a bunch of guys film themselves spending six months digging around in hot garbage and don't find anything. That might actually be the best-case scenario, come to think of it.

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