If you are anything like me, trying to find that perfect gift for someone special is not easy. Especially the one person, who has everything!  I don’t enjoy giving gift cards or money. It just seems so impersonal. Most of the time, I don’t even give a card! Sorry, Hallmark, a much as I love your movies, cards have never been my thing.  It has always been my assumption, no one actually reads the card, they are shaking it to see what is inside. I enjoy trying to find something that reminds me of the person I am buying the present for. Something that will show them I took time and really put thought into the purchase. Something unique to the person that they will use and I won't be able to
re-figt at the next White Elephant holiday party.  An item when I see it makes me instantly think, "That reminds me of ____"!

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So, since moving to West Texas, I have scoured Midland and Odessa, to find the best boutiques and stores that have special items, where you can find the perfect gift for anyone on your list. No matter the occasion or your budget, you can find an item for the “hard to shop for” person in your life.

I need to make sure I explain how I am basing my Top 5 selections. There are so many great locations to choose from but I am making this list based off of the variety in the store, unique items in the store, price range of items in the store, hours of operation, and accessibility to get to the store, which includes parking. So, with 116 days left until Christmas and all of the birthdays, anniversaries, and showers between now and then, let's get to my top 5 choices.

#5 Happy Everything: This place is so great.  The only reason it isn’t ranked higher on the list, you HAVE to do a bit of work, for the most part.  And, not everyone is that great at that.  They do have some items completed, but really, what fun is that? The concept of this gem? Custom-create a gift by painting it for the recipient.  Whether a holiday, wedding, birthday. You select a cutout and paint it especially for them. I mean, nothing screams, “I really took my time to show you how much I care”, then handmade gifts!

#4 Alldredge Gardens. I know I said store and this isn’t the first place you think of.  But think outside of the box.  And, there is a store!  Not to mention the marketplace from February through December where the unique gift ideas just increase! So, addition to the nursery and the amazing lunch, you can shop the market or the adorable indoor store for great ideas!

#3 Popcorn Premiere/Candle Café I am putting these two places together.  Although not located together I know they are the same family and therefore to me should be a combined “company”. The concepts are amazing and at times you can find packages that put the products together. I am going to explain each business individually here but, again, combined, you could have one heck of a gift idea! Popcorn Premiere is a one-of-a-kind idea, that before coming here I have never really witnessed as a stand-alone store before.  To me, it was like walking into “Willy Wonka” Chocolate Factory and finding Orville Redenbacher decided to start working there.  Their creative minds decided to see how many flavors they could make.  And every week they change them out, leaving only the best for you to come back for weekly. You can always come in and get candy, soda in a bottle, and random hot sauces and other oddities, you cannot find in other stores.  Truly, a rare store.  One perfect for finding a special gift. Down the street at The Candle Café, whether you’re purchasing Strawberry Cheesecake to compliment the popcorn, or you are trying your hand to make your own gift basket with a Permian Basin favorite “Butt Naked (can’t make that up) or looking to help soothe or relax a friend with the aroma of Eucalyptus, there really is a scent for everyone. With over 100 aromas, in mason jars, in the form of car sprays, or wax and oil chips you can purchase-along with warmers, if you are looking for a housewarming gift, or just something “out of the box” special, the Candle Café can help.

#2 Suzie’s South Forty: Cute ideas everywhere you look here. Great gift baskets shaped like boots and the state! And the only place I know of that you can find Texas Trash, at least in the edible form!  Really is a great place to find some cool gift ideas and the prices are reasonable.  This is the one place I find myself looking when someone relocates to the area.  A “Welcome Home” gift store if I ever knew one.

#1 LaBoutique is one of the coolest stores I have seen in.  The inventory is always changing and while you are inside, the shirts, cups, heck, pillows have you laughing. If someone was walking by the window. Your saving grace is the other customers are in there being entertained by the humor too, so they know you haven’t lost your mind. The amount of hand towels I have bought for my kitchen and bath here, that were supposed to be gifts but didn’t make it because I thought they were too funny, I cannot even count. This is the store you go to while shopping for your best friend and/or your sister.  Never seeing the same items anywhere else.  Yes, there are other boutiques similar but, I don’t think they have the same variety.

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