I would have to say right off the bat I am not a Chinese food connoisseur by any means. I know what I personally like and the places I go to frequently. Leo can give you the scoop. Leo knows his stuff because Chinese food is his favorite! However, I do have my go-to's in Midland and Odessa. Check out my list and see if you agree these are the best?


Little Hunan- 3102 W. Cuthbert Ave. Midland-I've been going here since I was knee high to spiders. If you ever hear me saying I'm craving Chinese food, this is more than likely where I'm headed. You cannot dine-in currently only drive-thru but let me tell you, it is worth it!

Grand Buffet-2510 W. Louisiana Ave.-I love me some Grand Buffet! If you are crazy hungry on any given day, Grand Buffet is the way to go, they are 1 of the best buffets in Midland.

China-Mex-1401 N. Grant Ave. Odessa-I remember vividly going here with a friend back in the day like weekly. My friend would call me up and ask if I was down for lunch? Yes always. The place? China Mex because I love their rice! (among other things)

Volcano-3952 E. 42nd St. Odessa-I have only tried the Odessa location and I have to say I am a fan. Love the location too!

Kuo's Chinese Restaurant in Midland-3303 N.Midkiff Rd. #152-this particular restaurant was the first Chinese food restaurant I ever tried in the 432. I remember leaving thinking wow, they have some great sweet and sour chicken!

Thoughts? What do you think of my list? I'm always open for suggestions. Who has the best Chinese food in Midland-Odessa in your opinion?

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