With Spring officially beginning on Sunday, if you want to enjoy the outdoors and find a good place to hike or take a walk, we have the top 5 places in Midland for you to take that springtime stroll or hike.

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According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, these are the top 5 best trails in Midland for you and your family to enjoy:

  1. Grafa Park Walking Path - Grafa Park is located in Midland on Midkiff Rd. south of Neely between Shell. and Ma Mar. The city park has a paved walkway that is about 0.4 miles and also includes a playground for children and a protective fence around it. Dogs are welcome but they must be on a leash.
  2. Sibley Perimeter Loop - This trail is a 1.2-mile trail that goes around the Sibley Nature Center. It is rated "easy" by AllTrails.com and located at Hogan Park just east of the Wadley/Lamesa Rd. intersection. The trail also passes by the Sibley Environmental Learning Center. Dogs are allowed if they are on a leash.
  3. I-20 Wildlife Preserve - Located between S. Midland Drive and Warehouse Rd. on the north service road of Interstate 20. The trail has a large lake with plenty of open nature to enjoy, the trail is about 1.3 miles and is also rated "easy" by AllTrails.com. Dogs are not allowed on this trail.
  4. Beal Park - Located at the corner of Beal Pkwy. and the service road of Business 20 (aka Hwy 80) this 0.7-mile trail is perfect for hiking, walking, or fishing in the Beal Pond. The park includes a playground for children, picnic tables, and a skate park. Dogs are allowed on a leash on the trail but there is an adjacent dog park where dogs can roam free of their leash.
  5. Windlands Park Loop Trail - Located on Wadley just east of I Street, Windlands Park has a winding, crisscrossing 0.8-mile trail open for walking, running, or biking. The parking lot is located at the end of Dengar Ave. westbound off of "A" Street. Dogs are allowed at the park with a leash.

There are five parks in Midland to enjoy walking, hiking, or running now that spring has sprung.

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