A mind-blowing new TikTok account claims to predict what the end of the world will look like.

Using AI technology, @robotoverloards shows off a series of frightening images in one video that claims to reveal what doomsday will look like according to the "last selfie ever taken."

From the hollow eye sockets of AI-generated, zombie-like humans, to the thick plumes of billowing smoke covering what may have once been civilization, the images purport to give a glimpse into our potential future — and boy, is it grisly.

Millions of views can't be wrong — it seems we are all fascinated to see how the world ends. Take a look:

"Me when I take selfies in the dark with flash on," one viewer joked in the comments.

"Well, I will just continue not sleeping," another person wrote, while someone else implored, "What about sharing the best day or something positive?"

While the freaky scenes supposedly predict what the end of the world might look like, fear not: the frightening content is 100 percent fabricated.

The account first shared content on July 7 and aims to share "daily interesting AI generated images," according to its bio.

In just a few short months on the platform, @robotoverloards has already amassed over 252,000 followers.

According to The Mirror, the account uses an AI image generator named DALL-E 2 (named after the Disney-Pixar robot WALL-E) to animate and generate its far-fetched doomsday visuals.

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