Family drama erupted after a couple decided to have a no-kids destination wedding in Norway, despite the bride having two teenage siblings.

"From the start, my fiancé and I knew we wanted a child-free wedding with nobody under 21, as we both find children and tweens very annoying, but we provided childcare for the little kids," the bride wrote via Reddit.

The bride initially wasn't going to allow her 14-year-old half-brother and 15-year-old sister to attend the 21-and-over affair, but she decided to allow her sister at the last minute.

"Here's the problem: I have two siblings much younger than me. My full sister, who's 15, and my half brother, who is 14," she continued. "My half-brother is the result of an affair my mom had while my dad was away for work, which caused their divorce."

The bride and groom "decided to make an exception" for the sister because "she's a very mature 15-year-old."

However, she didn't tell her brother he wasn't allowed to attend until the day before the wedding, after he already flew to Norway for the event.

When the bride told her mom about her decision, her mom became very upset.

"I said he could stay with the kids (all under 10, unfortunately) and she told us we could do whatever but we had to tell him the news," the bride shared. "We decided not to tell him until the day before to avoid any major drama during the weeks leading up to it. When we told him he threw a fit, I said this is why he wasn't invited, and left. The wedding day went amazingly."

When the couple got back from their honeymoon, the bride was "met with angry texts and voicemails from [her] mom's family."

In the comments, Reddit users were baffled by the bride's behavior, with many calling her "nasty" for excluding her brother.

"He wasn't invited because you think it's his fault your mum and dad got divorced. He's allowed to be upset that his sibling disinvited him from her wedding but allowed the only other sibling to go," one person wrote.

"Not just disinvited him, but disinvited him the day before when it sounds like he had already traveled and was stuck in a hotel. You didn't want a child-free wedding, you wanted a wedding without your half-brother there, and you couldn't even communicate that to him like an adult," another commented.

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