Pop singer Em Beihold may have brought (numb little) bugs onto the pop charts, but most people still don’t want them in their homes.

A new survey from SWNS says 66 percent of people are willing to do “nearly anything” to rid bugs from their house — and we mean anything.

Fifty-one percent say they are willing to fumigate their entire home. Meanwhile, 46 percent would consider putting glue traps in every corner of their house; 43 percent are willing to empty an entire can of bug spray to rid their space of creepy-crawlies.

However, some folks are willing to take things to the extreme, with 34 percent of people admitting they have thought about burning their home down to the ground due to an insect infestation.

Another 52 percent would consider moving. Of those people, 69 percent have even packed up and followed through with finding a new address following an infestation.

It's hard to believe people would prefer to deal with the stress of moving rather than deal with the inconveniences of bugs. However, this stat may also surprise you: Twenty-four percent of Americans said they would choose to welcome rodents into their home rather than have bugs.

People hate insects so much that they'd also rather deal with pesky home issues than they would pests.

Twenty-nine percent would be willing to live with broken appliances instead, while 26 percent wouldn't mind walking on creaky floors. Another 26 percent would be willing to endure the weather with broken windows.

Even more shocking, 25 percent would be willing to give up TV rather than have bugs in their home.

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