A mysterious dark figure that appears to be smoking cigars. A wheelchair squeaks. Would you dare visit this old, abandoned nursing home alone or with this TikToker @theparanormalfiles, who went where not many people are willing to go? Apparently, this old nursing home which has been shut down and not in use for a number of years, is one of the most haunted in Texas. 


What was once The Golden Years Retirement Home is outside of Waco, TX, a little over 5 hours from Odessa/Midland.


Rumor has it that an elderly woman was left inside a locked van, in the parking lot of the nursing home on a hot day and died. Other rumors of abuse and neglect have run rampant but we may never know the real truth.

 The Paranormal Files crew decided to pay this old abandoned nursing home a visit. However, they chose to go in together, refusing to go in alone, afraid of what they might find.

So, what did they discover? Is the nursing home still 'home' to some of the patients who spent their last days there?

The Paranormal Files crew reported their findings including 'terrifying activity' and that the old nursing home is not in fact abandoned.

The question is, did they discover that the spirits of the old inhabitants of the nursing home still roam the halls or is someone actually living in this condemned building now? Watch this YouTube video that The Paranormal Files crew captured and decide for yourself:

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