With construction beginning on I-20 to switch overpasses, that makes driving along the interstate quite the frustrating experience.

So with that said, here are the Top 5 rules of driving on I-20 through Midland/Odessa:

1. Just Don't

We have two other routes to go between Midland and Odessa so use those. There is some construction on Hwy 191, but you don't have to deal with the several vehicles with families from California or Arizona on the road either going to or coming back from 6 Flags Over Texas, or Disney World in Orlando.

2. Look Out For 18 Wheelers

These guys are working and probably are already late getting their cargo to its destination so they have no time to worry about you piddling along to work. Just get out of their way and don't drive like your grandma.

3. Don't Have a Wreck

Everything is going to be pinched down to one lane so if you rear end somebody, there are going to be many miles of people that are going to be stopped or slowed down so you being the reason for the backup because you can't pay attention is going to frustrate hundreds of people who are unfortunate enough to be behind you.

4. Beware of Uneven Lanes

It is a construction zone after all so uneven pavement is just going to happen. If your vehicle gets out of alignment then it is your fault for not paying attention to a drop-off in the road.

5. Listen to Music, Not a Podcast

This is essential because you will get more involved in a podcast than you will be listening to music which means you could run into the back of somebody, or run off the pavement because you will not be as aware of your surroundings.

There are your Top 5 Rules of driving on I-20 through Midland/Odessa, be careful out there.

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