This coming Thursday, "Improv At The Yucca" makes its return to the stage. The historic Yucca Theater in downtown Midland has undergone some cosmetic and functional changes, and "Improv" is the perfect opportunity to come out and see what has been done. Oh yeah, there will be stuff to laugh at as well.

The one question that we get asked the most is, "How are you guys able to think of something funny that quickly? I could NEVER do that!"
Yes, you can. It really isn't hard. Here is the whole key to improv comedy: say something. Anything. Don't worry about comedy. That will take care of itself. Just say something. Maybe what you say will blend right into the scene and continue the onstage impromptu conversation. Maybe what you say will be so off the wall that it takes the scene in a new, interesting direction. Maybe what you say will (maybe inadvertently) be the line of the night. Just say something.
We've been doing "Improv At The Yucca" since 2001. Some of the people in the group have been around since the very beginning. Some have been around for a while. Some are relatively new. But after 14 years, you know that everybody onstage deserves to be there. They take those chances. They aren't afraid of a joke falling flat. Their insticnts are good enough to know when to jump out front, and when to hang back.

Whether you have been to "Improv At The Yucca" before or not, I encourage you to go this Thursday. The tickets are cheap, the beer is cold, and it's a great warmup to "Summer Mummers." Tickets are at See you there!