There are only a handful of franchises that could create as much buzz as The Force Awakens with just a few seconds of additional footage, and now we have more from this Korean TV spot!

Only The Force Awakens could create global buzz with just a few seconds of new footage.

Most of us have only seen two teaser trailers for the seventh Star Wars film, which will be released on December 18th, so when a Korean TV spot surfaced online with a surprising beginning, Star Wars fans naturally lost their minds.

In this new footage, which only lasts for a couple of seconds, we can see a large gathering of soldiers and officers, ones who were loyal to the First Order. In The Force Awakens, we'll meet First Order leaders Kylo RenGeneral Hux, and Captain Phasma, along with the redesigned stormtroopers at their disposal.

And that's it, the rest of the trailer is the same as was release earlier. The new' Force Awakens' footage is sure to have your tauntaun chomping at its bit!

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