That's right, a Zoo is coming to Midland!  Zoo Midland is the new proposed Zoo coming to The Preserve at Midland Project planning to open in 2027. Midland has not had a zoo since 1977, 50 years ago at Cole Park! Zoo Midland will be built on 55 acres of the 220 acres that was the old Nueva Golf Course.

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Zoo Midland will have both indoor and outdoor facilities so if it is too hot or too cold the animals are protected. Zoo Midland is planning to house many different animals, zebras, lions and including giraffes.  I remember going to the zoo in Abilene with my boys to see the animals there and they always loved the giraffes.  Now you won't have to travel to Abilene, Ft Worth, or San Antonio to for family fun at the zoo.  Midland will be a little smaller than San Antonios Zoo, but larger than Abilene.  They have already hired a Zookeeper with 30 years' experience so you know the animals will be well taken care of.


Along with all the animals there will be over 600 trees planted and about 25 artificial trees as well so there will be plenty of shade!  Zoo Midland wants this to be not only a fun activity for the Permian Basin residents but an educational one as well.  They are committed to creating a great connection between humans and animals and to concentrate on the importance of our environment and the precious gifts of each of the animals.

Zoo Midland does plan on opening in 2027 and funding for this non-profit was funded by community donations.

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