Did you know Beyoncé is at least 1/2 way to being a Billionaire? Most of Houston, Texas's Billionaires are due to oil and gas money, so she has definitely taken a different path. Did you know the wealthiest woman in the whole world also makes Houston her home?

The world's richest woman is Alice Walton of the Walmart Family. Her father started Walmart with his brother Bud. Don't worry, one of Bud's daughters is on the list of Texas's wealthiest Billionaires too.

How did the Waltons become worth so much?

Sam was a super savvy business man. He actually started Arvest Bank before beginning the Walmart empire. Arvest bank is the oldest bank in Arkansas with its charter dating back to McIlroy Bank & Trust established in 1871.

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What about Bud's daughter?

Bud had two daughters, and when he passed away in 1995, they each received half of his fortune. One of those daughters, Ann, sometimes resides on the world's largest ranch near the Oklahoma line just west of Wichita Falls with her husband Stan Kroenke. It is the W. T. Waggoner Ranch.

Stan Kroenke is also on this list of wealthiest Texas Billionaires. He has made the majority of his money on land deals, many of which developed areas that now house Walmarts and Sam's Clubs.

One thing Ann and Stan have done together is acquire professional sports franchises. Their teams are listed below.

Who else is on the list?

Mostly financial gurus to tech giants according to this article with KXAN. Many of which also own professional sports franchises. Check them out below.

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