Warning: The story you are about to read is going to take you on a roller coaster of emotions but I promise it will all be worth the ride.

El Paso Animal Services recently shared a post on Instagram about Old Man, a 10-year-old shelter dog that was looking for a home to spend his last days at.

Fospice is never easy, but it is the greatest gift you can give a dog in need. This boy appears to be about 10 years old. We don’t know anything about his past, but we want his future to be full of love, comfort, and peace,” read the post which was followed by a video of Old Man.

EPAS posted the video in hopes of finding a family to provide Fospice care for Old Man who was suffering from tumors and infections.

They wanted Old Man to find a family to care for him, feed him, handle any medical issues but most importantly someone who could provide Old Man with a home full of love and comfort so his last days on earth would be memorable ones.

“We will provide supplies and medical care until it’s his time to cross the rainbow bridge. Please consider giving an old man a soft place to land,” read the post.

Courtesy: Old Man Rescue Instagram
Courtesy: Old Man Rescue Instagram


Ok, back to the story. Shortly after the post was shared a family went to EPAS and offered to open up their home to Old Dog.

El Paso’s FitFam shared the heartwarming update on Instagram which also showed a few photos of Old Man and his new four legged besties that he would share the home with.

“Fantastic news. A kind family was able to take the ailing dog home from @epanimalsvc,” read the post.

The story doesn’t end there. The family who adopted Old Man decided that they would document his journey on Instagram so everyone could see him living his last few days the way all dogs should live their last days: surrounded by cuddles, treats, family and love.

You can follow his journey at @oldmanrescue and remember,  there’s still so many dogs with similar stories that could use a good home.

If you would like to adopt or foster a pet, visit El Paso Animal at @epanimalsvc.

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