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  • This rap will make you hungry
  • Standup comedian Jaron Myers
  • This is 5 years old and still hits

Here in Texas we have so much love for Chick-fil-A. I never thought that one song would completely encapsulate what it means to work and eat there for us.

Then I discovered Christian comedian, Jaron Myers. I really enjoy his brand of humor and the fact that he could do his standup routine in any nightclub, but he chooses to do it in a church.

He hopes that his shows are funny to everyone, even if they don't share the same faith. The logic that someone might not want to come to a Sunday service, but would come if you invited them to a comedy show at a church is sound.

See Jaron Myers Spitting Bars About The Lords Chicken

Jaron is not affiliated with Chick-fil-A in any way. He is just a fan of the establishment, and this rap has some classic lines.

  • We already pray for you - PRE-BLESSED
  • Unless it's a Sunday, it's my pleasure to serve you
  • Perfectly crafted and drafted Polynesian sauce
  • Dippin' And Dabbin'

It was the part about the food being "Pre-Blessed" that really sent me. It is a great line that reminded me of a Julian Smith YouTube video from 2011 called "Pre-Blessed Food" and really cracked me up.

As a Christian that has prayed over food on many occasions, I still think it's funny. Jaron recently reposted his original YouTube video on TikTok and Instagram.

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