A 15-year-old U.K. student lost both his nipples after accepting a ridiculous dare from a classmate.

The student was challenged to spray two full cans of Lynx body spray on his nipples to see if they'd freeze.

Spoiler alert: They did. And then they fell off.

According to The Mirror, the unidentified boy was at school when a classmate dared him to spray two cans of Lynx — the British equivalent of American body spray brand Axe — onto his chest.

Lynx product is contained in an aerosol container. It's known for its "48 hours of odor protection, keeping you smelling awesome and feeling chill."

Chill is precisely how the boy felt when the cold aerosol spray hit his chest.

"At first, it's just cold. It's not really a big thing," the unnamed student told The Mirror. "And then it starts to burn, and you're just there waiting for it to finish. It was fine. It was all fine. Then the boy who was actually freezing my nipples flicked both my nipples, and that's when the nipples fell off."

After losing both nipples, the student said he went to his next class like nothing had happened.

"I'm in German [language class], just sitting, and my nipples are now gone. I'm just chilling, and then people are like, 'Your shirt is bleeding,'" the boy explained.

When the boy's teacher noticed the student was bleeding through his shirt, the teacher suggested he go to the nurse's office. But the young man wanted to tough it out — he told his teacher, "Nah, it's fine," and remained in class.

Although the boy said he wants to caution others who may consider taking on this particular dare, he also admitted that everyone got a good laugh out of it and he has so far enjoyed the attention and disbelief whenever he reveals that he is missing both nipples.

And yes, he'd probably do it again if he had the chance to do it over — no nipples, no regrets.

"Now that I look back on it, it's just like, it's stupid, it happened," the teen said. "Now I've got no nipples."

Let's just hope this doesn't become the next TikTok trend.

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