A podcast host received an avalanche of (well-earned) hate after he made some downright awful comments about postpartum bodies and what he thinks someone should look like after giving birth.

On an episode of the No Filter Podcast, which is hosted by three men (Anthony Casasanta, Nick Casasanta and Jason Girratano), Anthony ruffled more than a few feathers by putting his future baby mama on notice.

"If my wife lets herself go after I have kids with her, I'm going to tell her, once: 'If you don’t get your s--t together, if you can't do that, I’m out,'" the judgmental host says in a video clip of them filming the podcast, which has garnered over 2 million views on TikTok.

"I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife, to my spouse ... girlfriend, too,” he adds, as the other hosts lap up his words.

Watch below:

The inflammatory statement garnered such intense hate that the podcast hosts eventually disabled the comments, but Anthony stood by his words in a statement to the New York Post.

"It's also not only about weight gain after childbirth, it's also about mental health as well as the physical health," he told the publication. "We feel like it’s very important to hold spouses, both men and women, to a high standard."

When it comes to the hate they've received, which has included death threats, he continued: "As for the people that ridiculed us for making this claim, we are not sorry. This is what we prefer and we're allowed to have our opinion on things just like they're allowed to have their views on certain things. It's none of our business what their opinion on things are, therefore they should respect our view."

Several users on TikTok have made rebuttal videos to the viral podcast clip.

Body confidence influencer Alex Light described the clip as "one of the worst things I've seen for a long time."

"So, a woman — your future wife, God help her — pushes an entire human out of her vagina and you want her to stay skinny, or at least get skinny, straight away. And if she doesn't, you'll leave her. What you're saying is that when you get married, you're not looking for a partnership, that's not what you want," a repulsed Light said.

"You want to own and control your wife. You want her to look and behave a certain way — your way — you want her to conform to your standards and if she doesn't, she's gone. What a f---ing idiot, man," Light continued.

Fellow TikToker Daniel Seong also put Anthony and his boys on blast.

"How dare you make them feel bad for having your child?" Seong chided, adding, "Postpartum is a real thing … and they don't need you to shove that down their throat. Honor your spouse. Love your spouse. Unconditionally."

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