Customer Service. Those 2 words together are scary. Why you ask? Because customer service in this area is not at all what it used to be. You know where you are guaranteed to get consistently good customer service? 'My pleasure.' Duh, Chick-fil-A! The employees can be having the worst day and through gritted teeth you are still going to hear those 2 magic words. They understood the assignment. 

What ever happened to just being polite? Common courtesy? Out the window I guess. So the other day I go for an oil change in my ride. It was a Take 5 place in my hometown. I'm so girly they had 20 questions for me and all I could think to do was get my man on the phone and let him answer them.

But because of over the top and great customer service, I didn't have to. These gentlemen went above and beyond. They took the time, they looked up the answers to the questions they were asking me for my particular vehicle. They asked me and my babies if we wanted a snack or something to drink while we waited.

Sure my visit should only have 'taken 5' but because of excellent customer service, the workers at this establishment were not going to let me leave until every problem had a solution. And you know what? They did not complain, did not throw out an 'I don't know' and send me on my way and 100% they did it all with a smile.

It restored my faith in both humanity and the fact that indeed good customer service does still exist. Literally as we were driving away, my teenage son said, 'dang those guys are the Chick-fil-A of oil change places.' I couldn't have said it better myself little man.

Other than Chick-fil-A, where in Odessa/Midland do you still get good customer service? I think they deserve acknowledgement.

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