If it weren't for a technical snafu with technology! It was November 2020. The month that Taco Bell decided it was done with the Mexican Pizza. The reason given at the time had something to do with the packaging not being eco-friendly or something. I'd always loved it, and it was my go-to order whenever we went to Taco Bell. So naturally, I was devastated when it went away. I ended up settling for their 3 Hard Shell Taco Supremes value meal as the go-to after that, but it was never the same. And even though no one else in my immediate circle liked it or ever ordered it-I was surprised to learn so many others, including big celebrities like Dolly Parton loved it as much as I did.

Fast forward to May 2022, and it's being brought back to the menu (although I hear there are some differences-that the company is quoted as saying something to the effect that it's been "re-imagined" and that the shell and bean mix are different). I'm excited it's back though and anxious, once I finish writing this, to get in the car and finally go get one and try it for myself-as THIS is the day... On MAY 19th-that it's officially official again on the menu. I know there are some people across the country and even as close locally as Odessa-who've tried it a few days ago. That's right-BEFORE the official roll-out date. How you may ask? Through the Taco Bell APP. They did the early roll-out as a reward on the app that you could redeem and that was the only way to get it early.

So many restaurants have developed apps you can download and order thru, so when I found out this was a possibility-I immediately downloaded the Taco Bell App-only to discover that the MIDLAND locations weren't eligible to participate in the promotion and get it early because online ordering isn't available or enabled at our locations here:


Hopefully, these locations can become as cool as the Odessa one SOON and fix this issue. For now, I have patiently waited long enough. I'm off to the car-see you in the drive-thru line!

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