My daughter Meredith and I went to the range yesterday and during that excursion, there were a few things that confirmed that I was doing parenting right.

Parenting is an ongoing process; As long as you have breath, you should be parenting. Along life's journey we sometimes get to see that we've done a few things right, as I did yesterday at the range with my daughter.

The first thing I noticed, my kid still wants to spend time with me. This is a biggie, since as we get older, they want to do just the opposite.

She is disciplined. We all could be more disciplined in our lives and our children need the structure of boundary setting  skills for their protection later in life. We're all a work in progress on this one.

She loves 'MY' music: As we were driving to and from the range, my daughter was jamming out to the music I loved as a teenager. I was struck by just how much as she knew and sang loudly all the lyrics to Steve Miller Band's 'The Joker'.

Guns, Guns, Guns: My girl also has a love of the shooting sports and is willing to introduce others to it. This is an extremely important life-skill that has and will serve her well in the coming years. Knowing that your child is able and has the determination to protect themselves, eases the worry a parent has about their child. She also loves to bring novices into the sport...she brought her boyfriend to the range with her so I could teach him the fundamentals of firearms safety and deployment.

We all make mistakes as parents and I've made my share, but we also do many things right. If we committed to be good parents, it's days like this that give us affirmation and confirmation that we're on the right track.

What's your favorite activity you enjoy doing with your kids?

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