I went fishing with my church's men's group a few weeks back, and was fortunate enough to catch a little shark before we had to head back in. "Tonight, it's what's for dinner." - That was said in my best Sam Elliot voice.

Photo by Spencer

Preparing shark is not like cooking regular fish, so i did a little research on how to prepare it. Many liken the texture of shark to that of steak. I think it's more like a tougher tuna. Many recipe sites recommended marinading the shark fillets, so that's what I went with. The nice chef at H-E-B recommended a soy sauce, barbecue-style marinade (sopping sauce) that actually worked pretty well. After thawing the fillets, I marinated them in the dipping sauce for about 45 minutes. In the meantime, I sliced some zucchini, squash and Portabella mushrooms that I planned to also steam on the grill. Lastly, the dish would be garnished with a nice mango salsa.

I put the vegetables on before I started grilling steak knowing that they would take longer to cook. After a 15 minute head start, on the went the shark steaks to cook for about 15 to 20 minutes.

The long and short of it is, the steaks turned out fantastic without that fishy taste. However, I will probably do a little less time in the marinade and add more salt and pepper next time. The steam vegetables were a nice touch, but if you've already got soy in your marinade you don't need it on the vegetables. Oh, and forget the mango salsa. It was too overpowering on an already feisty dish. Instead, I'll slice some pineapples and marinate them in a little bit of soy for the garnish.

All in all, my first attempt at cooking shark turned out pretty well, I hope yours does too. If you have a recipe for shark that you like to share posted in the comment section below.