Last week, my wife Maureen was at a conference out of town and I got to cook breakfast for myself. If this looks good to you, here's how you make it.

This little dish consists of a couple of poached eggs. two pieces of toast. bacon (not shown) and a half avocado, sliced.

I start by frying up some bacon--because hey, you have to have bacon. After I'm done frying bacon, I will pour about 2 teaspoons of the grease off to the side in the container. I make enough bacon so that I can snack on it while I'm poaching two eggs. I like the yokes runny because  I'm a 'sop of the yellow with the toast' kind of guy.

Next, take a ripe avocado cut in half, then take one of those halves and slice it thinly.

The toast is pretty easy so we'll skip that step. While the eggs are poaching, I take the bacon grease that I've set-aside and add a teaspoon of olive oil, crushed up bay leaves add some salt and pepper and stir that altogether.

Now I start with the base of two pieces of toast followed by sliced avocados, followed by two poached eggs and then carefully drizzle the bacon grease olive oil mixture over everything.

WARNING: DO NOT tell your cardiologist about this.

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