Everybody is purchasing tickets and trying to come up with numbers that will win and coming up empty. So how do you win the lottery? A seven-time winner tells you his secrets for winning the lottery.

Richard Lustig has won the lottery seven times and has a bank account of seven figures right now but how does he do it, what is the trick if there is one?

It may seem like Richard is special, but he says he is not that special and it doesn't take anything special to win the lottery, it all comes down to math and logic, but here are some strategies he uses that have increased his odds to win and can increase yours too.


1. Don't Choose Consecutive Numbers.

Stop using the 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 scheme, and if you play the lottery with five winning numbers, the sum of the total numbers must fall between 104 and 176. Simply put, the numbers you choose must add up to between the range stated above but don't do consecutive numbers even though they might add up in between that range.

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2. Buy More Tickets - The More The Merrier Plus Volume Is Important.

Richard states that buying a huge amount of tickets was a big part of his success. One is great but if you buy, buy in bulk if you will. Buying multiple tickets has a compounding effect that will greatly increase your odds of winning.

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3. Play The Right Games, Improving Your Chances of Winning

There is a huge difference in which games you play. Choose games that have a lot less competition that way you can win easier. Remember Richard's winnings came from 5 to 6-figure winnings instead of multi-million dollar winnings.

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4. Remember Other People Have Their Own Strategies

Most Americans use numbers based on their birthday or the birthdays of loved ones or other important dates (the date they got married or the date their child said their first word, etc.) this limits some of their numbers between 1 and 31. So it is best to choose some of your numbers above 31, this increases your probability of not sharing the prize with anyone else.

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5. Don't Get Discouraged If You Don't Win Right Away

Remember it is more of a marathon than a sprint and it rarely happens right away. But Richard stresses it is a numbers game and boils down to basic math. The process is similar to playing poker, you just have to wait for the winning hand to come your way and have patience.

Remember all of these suggestions are just that, suggestions, it is not a guarantee you will win the lottery, but if you stick with it and use the things listed here, your chances could be greater than just sitting around doing nothing and wondering if you could ever win the lottery. Like Nike says "Just Do It."



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