A new study has come out claiming that Austin, Texas is the number 1 college city in the United States.

During my high school days in Tyler, Texas, I remember listening to friends discuss where they were considering going to college. Sure, there were quite a few considering Oklahoma State, Baylor, TCU, SMU, and others. However, the top two I heard discussed most often were Texas A&M annnnd...?

But, of course: The University of Texas at Austin. And according to a new study? Austin, Texas is the number ONE college city (for a large city) in the entire United States.

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The study was completed by WalletHub and was based on several different metrics.

This new study was recently completed by WalletHub which ultimately named Austin, TX as the number 1 college city in the U.S. based their finding on the following metrics according to KVUE:

  • Wallet "friendliness" or affordability for students
  • Social environment
  • Academic and economic opportunities

Interestingly, although Austin, Texas was the overall number 1 pick if we look at each individual metric, it wasn't.

When it comes to "wallet friendliness," Austin came in at number 204 out of 415. And frankly, many of us aren't terribly surprised. It's no secret how much more expensive it has become to live in the capital city.

Regarding "social environment," Austin came in at number 12--hey that's pretty high up on the list. And again, not surprising when one considers the party scene in Austin. Does anyone else have memories of 6th Street? (However vague?)

And financially, "academic and economic opportunities, Austin came in at number 21. No bad, eh? If you'd like to dig into the details you can see more here.

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