President Trump’s proposed budget cuts would endanger the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the home, among other things, of Sesame Street. One of the show’s most famous residents, Big Bird, took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to address the potentially historic cut, and what it would do to important television programming.

Kimmel’s approach was understandably more sardonic, placing Big Bird into the Apprentice boardroom to learn the bad news. Meanwhile, PBS itself has naturally come out against the budget cuts, while Sesame Workshop offered its own statement (h/t The Hollywood Reporter) on the potential threat to PBS, which still broadcasts seasons after their HBO debut:

Sesame Street was created to provide early access to education for all children. Research shows that high-quality preschool educational experiences are a key determinant in an individual’s lifelong learning outcomes. PBS makes Sesame Street available to all Americans and thereby continues to play a major role in helping less privileged kids gain access to preschool education that has proven and enduring value. While Sesame Workshop currently receives no direct funding from CPB or PBS, we stand firmly and passionately in support of the vital public investment that allows them to continue this important work.

You can read the full complement of statements on the proposed budget cut at the link above, and stay tuned for more updates.

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