If you are not familiar with Jason Grosboll, you will be once you see him at this year's Academy Awards. Texas' very own Grosboll has been invited by this year's Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel to make popcorn for the stars!

Who is "Popcorn Guy"?

But, let's go back to how it all started for the viral sensation. Back in December, TikTok user Oscar Leal filmed Grosboll, who works at Century 16 theaters in Corpus Christi, as Grosboll layered popcorn and butter in the most fun and unique way ever. I know, it sounds a bit strange to say he went viral, but you have to see you he does it!

The technique, the layering of butter and popcorn, what's not to love about this?!

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Grosboll officially goes by 'Popcorn Guy' and it wasn't long until the internet fell in love with this video. The video has racked up millions of views that, naturally, Leal had to give us an update on Popcorn Guy!

It didn't take long for Popcorn Guy to catch the attention of this year's Oscars host himself, Jimmy Kimmel, who featured him on the show earlier this year! Naturally, Popcorn Guy walked Kimmel through the process.

Kimmel then invited Popcorn Guy to this year's Academy Awards on March 12. Kimmel said:

If you're interested we could probably use the worlds greatest popcorn bucket filler at the Golden Theater.

Grosboll graciously accepted the offer.

Lots of people who live in Corpus Christi and have encountered Popcorn Guy's skills up close say that he is totally deserving of the recognition he's gotten. From the Jimmy Kimmel video someone commented:

We love this guy! He’s been putting on a show for us when we order our popcorn for years! So awesome he’s getting recognition!

And it wasn't long after that the City of Corpus Christi officially recognized Grosboll as the official "Popcorn Guy" of Corpus Christi.

Tune in to the 95th Academy Awards on March 12 to see Popcorn Guy's skills and to see if he can make popcorn for Tom Cruise!

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