If you are a fan of Yellowstone, you will be happy to hear this news! Let me be a little more specific, if you are a RIP WHEELER fan, you will love this news. No, he and Beth are not divorcing. No, he's not leaving the super-popular television series. BUT he may start making frequent trips to San Angelo, Texas real soon!

Wait, what? WHY in the world would Cole Hauser, the actor who plays RIP on Yellowstone, care about San Angelo? Because apparently, he just bought a business there, that's why! The news dropped this morning that Cole or Rip, whatever you prefer to call him, is part of a group of investors who recently purchased San Angelo's Longhorn Coffee Co. 

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Longhorn Coffee Co. has been in San Angelo since around 2010, and its current location is 901 S. Oakes Street. Reportedly, the business is thriving, but, when the offer was presented, the current owners could not refuse.

Upon a more thorough search of Longhorn Coffee, I discovered on longhorncoffee.net that they are a small batch roasting company in San Angelo that boasts the 'snake bite blend' with 2 times the caffeine as regular coffee blends. You can also try Conch Blend, Pecos Blend, and Texas Heat.

So yes, our favorite Yellowstone actor could be turning up in Texas, specifically San Angelo, real soon to admire his recent acquisition, and I may just have to start visiting my bestie, who has lived there for years a lot more often too! Come to think of it, I'm not even really a coffee drinker, but I can be...for RIP!

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