Buzz Question - So, not sure why this bothers me but my wife doesn't USE MY LAST NAME on her Facebook or socials. She uses her maiden name. Um, we've been married for a while now and I'm not sure why she just doesn't use her real legal name. I did ask her about it and she said she's just uses the name that she had in High School, no biggie.  Um, ok?

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No biggie , Lots of people do it, it Facebook, it really isn't' serious!

She doesn't want guys to kow your married. Sorry not sorry!

You really shouldn't give yourself a headache. Leave this alone!

Yeah seems like a red flag

Is it just the last name or is she pretending to be single? Her maiden name allows people to find her or not find her in real life with married name. If the issue is just the name no biggie. But if she’s still pretending to be single on her socials then I’d be worried.

Why can't she put her married name with her maiden name in parentheses? I've seen that a lot if you wanna suggest it..

I’m sure It is so her childhood friends can find her if they don’t know her married name.


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