A woman scolded a group of teens who became irritated with her after she "ruined" a TikTok video they were making in a public bathroom, just by using the facilities as intended. After she scolded the girls, Reddit had her back.

The woman explained on the forum that she is "not a very confrontational person" but felt she had to say something to the teenage girls after they appeared upset she interrupted their video.

"I was at a mid-size movie theater. They have about 12 screens. As such, the bathrooms aren’t huge like some theaters. When you walk in, there are about four sinks to the right and a large mirror to the left. You walk past this area to get to an area with about 8 stalls," she wrote via Reddit.

The woman was there to see a movie and had to use the restroom. That's when the awkward interaction happened.

"Right when I walked in I saw three ~13-year-old girls making a Tik Tok video. They were playing music and doing a synchronized dance in front of the mirror. As such, I have to walk behind them to go to the area with the stalls, ostensibly appearing in the background of this video," she continued.

The woman noted she was "annoyed" but kept to herself — until the girls got mad when she exited the stall, apparently interrupting their video in the process.

"I notice that the girls have the camera slightly tilted to face where the bathroom stalls are. They all turn to look at me and one presses the 'pause' or 'stop' button on the video. Their facial expressions read as if they were irritated that I ruined their video," she detailed.

The woman "scolded" the girls for making a TikTok video in a private bathroom.

"The following conversation ensues: Me: You know, you shouldn’t be making a video in a public restroom where people are going to the bathroom. This is supposed to be a private area, ya know?" she recalled, to which one of the girls responded, "Kinda." She was infuriated.

"Me: No. It is not kinda. People expect privacy when they’re trying to go to the bathroom. It is super rude to have to force them to worry about being heard or seen in a TikTok video when they’re just trying to go to the bathroom. If I told the staff, they would come in here and tell you to cut it out," she continued.

When she went to wash her hands, "two of the girls went into a stall together while the other just stared at me." Though she felt "bad" for "ruining" the girls' fun, it "seemed completely inappropriate" for them to be making public videos in a private bathroom.

In the comments section, users rallied behind the woman, letting her know she did the right thing by confronting the girls.

"If they are going to film something in public, then they kind of need to expect their video may be ruined.......by the public. I really hate TikTok," one person wrote.

"The thing is, they weren't even filming in public. They were filming in a privately owned building that is open to the general public. You could have asked to view the video and requested they delete any part of it that had you in it," another weighed in.

"To my knowledge, filming or having cameras in bathrooms is illegal in all states," someone else wrote.

"Everyone should be able to go to the bathroom without being filmed!" another commented.

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