Let’s be real, most celebs would kill for a chance to get into a Star Wars movie, even if it’s just a cameo. As we all know, Rian Johnson and the crew shot the bulk of The Last Jedi in Pinewood Studios, which is in Britain, which is where the Royal Family lives. Last year some rumors flew that Princes Harry and William had filmed some Stormtrooper cameos during their visit to the set, and now that the movie is a little more than six months from opening, Johnson is being conspicuously cagey.

Yahoo! caught up with Johnson at Star Wars Celebration to ask him point-blank, and he was, naturally, as vague as he could be about it.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have no clue,” Johnson replied with a big smile on his face. Then he mimed getting a transmission through a nonexistent earpiece: “The last voice you heard…”

He chuckled again and said, “I can neither confirm nor deny.”

Whatever, Rian. We’ll all find out soon enough! The Force Awakens had its fair share of Hollywood cameos, most notably Daniel Craig as the Stormtrooper who gets Jedi mind-controlled by Rey in her holding cell. No one knew it was him under the helmet until Lucasfilm came right out and said it, and he even used an American accent so his voice would be even less recognizable.

There are probably even more clever cameos than Harry and William in The Last Jedi that we’ll find out about when it comes out. I mean, they have to find someone to fill those Stormtrooper suits, right?

The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.

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