If you have received a traffic, parking or any other violation and have not taken care of it, the time is now!  Representatives from the Midland Police Department and over 250 law enforcement agencies will combine efforts to host the 2015 Texas Statewide Warrant Roundup beginning Saturday March 7th. 

This notice allows individuals with outstanding warrants to take immediate action to avoid being arrested. If you have warrants after March 7th, officers will be coming by your home, place of business, or anywhere else to serve them. Take action now and handle your outstanding tickets and warrants before Saturday, March 7th.

If you are concerned that you have outstanding warrants with the City of Midland, you are encouraged to contact the Midland Municipal Court immediately to find out what options or arrangements might be available.

You can avoid the lines and clear your warrants immediately by paying your citation online atwww.midlandmunicipalcourt.com